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February 9, 2013

Squiggy the Squirrel is Back

 Crew of Angry Birds

 Squiggy Peeking Out

We've been hearing scurrying and scratching in between the ceiling and the roof.
Not sure of what was making so much noise.
A family of birds have quietly occupied this space for years.  

A few days ago, I hear a commotion out on the fire escape...
look up and see Squiggy the Squirrel poking his head out of the building facade.
A group of angry birds attacking him to no avail, he has clearly taken over their home.

Then yesterday, I look out and see him shivering in a corner.
Couldn't resist showing him a little love.
Gave him a little snack of bread and cherry tomatoes...watched him eat and scurry back up.

I just hope he doesn't come crashing through the ceiling into our place.

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